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Volunteer roles

CCCC Swim Team Board

Parent Representatives - Jen Ward and Jessica Roddy

Volunteer Coordinator - 2022 NEED ASAP!!!

Fundraising/Concessions Committee Lead - Amanda VandenBroek

Events Committee Lead - Martha Breitenbach

Uniform & Spiritwear Coordinator - Stephanie Malon

Treasurer - Theresa Sheffler-2022 NEED REPLACEMENT ASAP

Technology/Computer Assistants-2022 NEED additional help ASAP!!
Sign up and support the team! Please forward ANY questions to [email protected]

Previous Years' Positions 

These Positions Require League Training

 ** Please refer to the Training Schedule to see when the training will be offered.  Also, please us the Signup Genius link to register for the training session you will be attending.**

Referee: (1) Senior official responsible for the overall conduct of the meet and for all other officials at the meet.


Starter: (1) Starts each event with the announcement of the age and stroke and the words "SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK", pauses to make sure that all swimmers are motionless, and then gives an electronic sound or a blast of a whistle.  He/She shall be the sole judge of FALSE STARTS and all false starts shall be restarted.


Strokes & Turn Judges: (2)Work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of a pair being from each team.  Judges only rule on infractions on their side of the pool.  They observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke.  


Head Computer Person (also called Recorder): (1) Sets up and operates the computer at all home meets. Prints results and ribbon labels during meet, prints reports and packs up computer at end of meet. (Attends computer meeting preseason)


Computer Assistant: (1) Works with Head Computer Person to sort timer sheets, DQ slips, ribbon labels and result sheets.  Also assists with inputting times from the swimmers’ cards.


Colorado Timing System (CTS) Official: (1) Sets up and operates the Colorado Timing System during the meet, which records the times of all the swimmers.


Clerk-of-Course: (1)This person controls the flow of the meet by ensuring swimmers are ready for their events.  Supervises the waiting area for a particular age group during meets, distributes event cards for relays, keeps track of swimmers -- as best as they reasonably can -- between events and gets swimmers to the ready bench on time with caps and goggles.  For most age groups there are parent assistants to work with as well.   


Timing Judge: (1) This person compares the CTS results with the stop watch times and determines which will be the “official” time.


These Positions Require No Training


Head Timer: (1) Organizes and briefs the Lane Timers on their duties prior to the meet and is in charge of the lane timers throughout the meet.  The head timer has the authority to remove and replace any lane timer, with the approval of the home meet director.  Previous experience required for this position. 


Lane Timers: (9) Records the simmer's time.  Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are three timers for each lane.  All three times are recorded.  Timers are assigned to work for one half of the meet.  This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races. 


Table Worker (Ribbons): (2)Places labels on ribbons; sorts and files ribbons into swimmer file folder.  Assigned to work for one half of the meet.  This job keeps you sitting down and out of the sun but may require you to keep working for a short while after the meet is over.  


Clerk-of-Course Assistant: (1) Responsible for assisting Clerk-of-Course sort swimmers' cards, pass out these cards after they are seeded and arrange the simmers in their designated lanes prior to the event.  Also assists with getting the swimmers to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time.  Assigned to work for one half of the meet.  This job gives you the chance to see your swimmer immediately before his/her event.  


Announcer: (1) Announces first, second and final calls for each event.  Works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly.  The announcer will need to anticipate flow based on the number of swimmers, the stroke, the number of lengths to be swum, and the age of the swimmers.  


Runners: These volunteers are responsible for obtaining the completed event cards and DQ forms for each race from the timers and judges.  The cards and DQ forms are delivered to the scoring table.  The job title is very descriptive.  Runners should have good tennis shoes that work well on slippery wet surfaces.  Assigned to work for one half of the meet.  This job keeps you moving around at the pool and the time passes quickly. 


Concessions (2 each home meet):  These volunteers are needed to sell food (Pizza, Chick-Fil-A, etc.), chips, candy, soda, water, Gatorade, etc.  Also responsible for assisting with set up and break down of the concession stand.  Assigned to work for one half of the meet.  


12 and under Parent: (3) These parents help keep track of all 12 and unders in the clerk-of-course area and assist them with their cards.  It is the responsibility of each mini-mite and mite's parents to get these swimmers to the 12 and under Parent. This can be accomplished much more easily if these swimmers stay together in one area. 

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