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Jun, 2020

Parent Meeting Information

Parent Meeting Information

Introductions: Christine Kemmerly (Head Coach), Greg (Assistant Coach), Board (Parent
Contact Info:
-Christine: [email protected]; (757)746-2928 text is better than a call since I
typically don’t pick up numbers I do not know)
-Crimson Crocs: [email protected]
-Registration link

Practice Plans:
-HOPEFULLY, June 15-July 31st . Monday-Saturday with 2 different plans for 3 practices
a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan and a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday plan)
-Practice blocks are each an hour from 7:45-9:45am
-We currently do not have permission to hold any afternoon practices, as that time is
reserved for residents.
-This is still contingent on approval from SwimRVA to provide lifeguards during this
time, we will keep you all updated on this as information comes out. We are hoping to
know by the end of the day on Friday
-Practices will be split with 30 minutes of pool time and 30 minutes of dryland
-Each practice group will be 24 swimmers with 12 swimmers in the pool and 12 in
dryland at a time. In the pool we will have two swimmers per lane with swimmers
starting at opposite sides of the pool. For dryland, everyone will be on their towel and
spaced out 10 feet apart.
-There will be some age group separation for dryland practices, however there will be less
in the pool where swimmers will be matched up by ability or family members. In the pool
we don’t need as much separation because of the limited number of swimmers.
-We will be sending out a Signup Genius to select times and days once practice times are
finalized. Look out for this on Friday or over the weekend.

-First practice day will be evaluations for everyone (Monday the 15th )
o Evaluations will consist of first evaluating technique and ability in the strokes
o Second, we will collect times to provide the best intervals/timing of practices
o I will also be asking swimmers (especially older ones) what they would like to get
out of this season.
o There will be a separate Signup Genius to select a time for evaluations. This will
take place in 15 minute time slots, hopefully with 10 swimmers each (though this
may be increased to accommodate for more swimmers)
o If you cannot make it to this evaluation day please contact us and we will set up
an evaluation during another practice day for your child/children.

-Tuesday and Wednesday (16th and 17th ) will shorter practices and we will layout the
expectations to make this work as smoothly as possible while also being safe

-Swimmers will always be in the same lane and follow the same practice structure
(dryland or swimming first) every practice so that they can get into a pattern that keeps
people distanced.
-We are allowed to have parents on deck, but you must bring your own chairs. You will be
able to sit in the areas we designate for your swimmer’s stuff. We would also ask that if
possible, only one parent is on deck during practice to keep our numbers at a minimum.
-Because of the way that we have to set up practices this season, I am very dedicated to
taking advantage of that and creating customized practices for each swimmer that allows
them to get the most out of their swimming time and season.

Virtual Meets:
-No in-person meets will be held
-RMAL is working on scheduling virtual meets where we swim in our own pool and we
submit times to compare with another team
-Would be held during normal practice time
-We may need a few additionally parent volunteers, but more on that later.

Precautionary Measures:
-Waiver – asking in reference to the past 14 days
o Are currently experiencing fever or a sense of having a fever
o A new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition
o New shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition
o New chills that cannot be attributed to another health condition
o A new sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition
o New muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition or specific
o Must notify a coach or board member if any of these occur
-Temperature checks for coaches and swimmers when arrive at practice
-Pool will be completely cleaned every night and we are the first to use it in the mornings
-There will be no concessions available
-Coaches will not be in the water, so we will be holding evaluations for all registered and
potential swimmers the first day of practice
-Coaches will be wearing masks if unable to keep a distance of 10 feet from the swimmers

Expectations from Parents and Swimmers:
-We will need one or two parent volunteers during each practice to help us take
temperatures and monitor the number of people and that social distancing is being
followed. They do not need to directly address anything but can notify the coach to
address the issue.
-Notify us if the answer to any questions on our waiver change
-If the swimmer or anyone in the household is experiencing symptoms, please do not
come to practice.
-Swimmers must wear suits to and from practice
-Bathrooms are only for emergency use
-Swimmers must bring all their own equipment, as nothing can be shared. This means
goggles, caps, towels. Additionally, if you would like to provide your own
kickboard/paddles/fins you may also bring that, however that equipment will not be
-Please stress the importance to your children to keep their distance and follow the
instructions of the coaches at practice. We will do our best to enforce rules but need the
cooperation of the swimmers and parents.
-Swimmers need to be efficient when on the pool and not linger around before and after
practices. The deck needs to be cleared by 9:55 am after practice.
-We will designate areas for stuff that is distanced.
-Swimmers are not to use the deck furniture
-Parents at practice should please wear a mask when around others

-How to order a swimsuit? – Feel free to wear any suit that is appropriate for competitive
swimming. If you would like a team suit, there is a link on the team website.
-Can swim team siblings swim in the baby pool? – if the siblings are on the team, they
should all be signed up for the same practice so that they are not waiting around the pool.
However, if they are not on the pool, there is no other pool space open during practice
time. We would ask that they not be on the pool deck during practice time to help ensure
distancing and keep our numbers down.
-Can registered swimmers just show up to meets? – Yes!
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